Oil air heaters

Oil air heaters with CH and HW


Chimney systems

Piece na olej przepracowany, nowoczesne nagrzewnice i rozwiązania kominowe


Competitive Prices

With many years of experience, efficient work processes and technologically advanced and economical machines as well as low overhead costs of the facility we can offer our products and services at very competitive prices.

Quick Quotation

We value your time, so we go the extra mile to process and answer your quote requests as quickly as possible. And if you provide your documentation in .dwg or .dxf format to our e-mail address, we will prepare the quote even faster with the use of BySoft 7 software. Documentation in .pdf or .jpg format has to be recreated in appropriate CAD format significantly prolonging valuation time.

Professional Customer Service

We offer comprehensive services from technical design stage to manufacture of the final product. We are using SolidWorks software to prepare designs, 3D models and technical drawings. Our guiding principle is to make a satisfied customer come back to us. Quick quotation and attractive prices, strict deadline adherence, high quality of our services and professional preparation of manufactured workpieces for shipment all at proficiency level to be expected from a competent partner that will meet the requirements of even the most demanding potential customers.